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Showa Juku book club opens the power of a better mind
In order to empower the development of the enterprise, help the growth of employees, improve the mind, to achieve spiritual and material double harvest. Showa Juku book club was officially launched in the meeting room of Showa (Xiamen) Automatic Cleaning Equipment Co., LTD on the afternoon of May 24th. At the opening meeting, the staff of Showa Shuku headquarters began to study the living Method, a book written by Masinori Kazuo, a Japanese businessman.
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Wash the small classroom intelligent tableware | separation recycling solution
Diners only need to put chopsticks and spoon into the chopsticks/spoon delivery mouth, directly put other utensils on the automatic recycling conveyor line, tray, tableware will be automated recycling and washing links, residual food automatic separation and processing, reduce the scattering of food waste and odor divergence, so that the collection of food becomes effortlessly.
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Table kitchen garbage harmless processing, so that the kitchen better
The harmless treatment of kitchen waste plays an important role in improving the quality of ecological environment, solving ecological and environmental problems, promoting the synergy of pollution reduction and carbon reduction, and promoting the overall green transformation of economic and social development. Showa cleaning, as a pioneer in the commercial cleaning field, provides customers with the most perfect products and services, and contributes to the harmonious progress of human society. Based on the concept of low-carbon environmental protection and recycling, showa Cleaning provides customers with energy-efficient, reliable, stable and green system solutions.
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Case appreciation | showa washing equipment in the application of the central kitchen
The concept of central kitchen comes from the catering industry. It refers to the unit established by catering chain enterprises, which has independent places and facilities to centrally complete the processing and production of finished or semi-finished food products and directly distribute them to catering service. The central kitchen realizes the standardization, scale, intensification and informationization of food production through unified procurement, processing and distribution of food raw materials and automatic operation of equipment. Automatic production line synchronous production, so that dishes formula, taste, batch accurate quantification, to ensure the consistency of food quality.
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The application of showa commercial cleaning equipment in campus is discussed
Standardized catering management can further ensure the health and safety of campus teachers and students. After using the cleaning equipment provided by Zhahe Cleaning, many colleges and universities not only improve the level of catering management, reduce the difficulty of work, reduce labor costs, but also promote the innovation of the whole catering management. Let's take a look at the showa commercial dishwasher application case on campus.
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